Overview of Windows 7 MCITP Certifications

As accepted as Microsoft technology has changed, so has the certifications. Although abounding still abide the same, there was been some changes to specific certifications. Windows 7 has bound replaced a lot of Vista and XP systems, and in about-face abounding IT specialists accept had to accompany up to date their qualifications.

Microsoft appear Windows 7 to the apple in 2009 and has now created several certifications based on this new technology. These cover the MCITP: Action Desktop Support Technician 7 and the MCITP Action Administrator 7. Candidates for both these certifications should accept acquaintance of implementing, managing and configuring Microsoft technologies in an action environment. For the 70-680 exam, which is included in both certifications, you are appropriate to already accept how to advancement to Windows 7, affected affinity issues and administer and advance the Windows 7 system.

To accredit beneath any of these two certifications, you charge to canyon the 70-680 exam, which tests your antecedent adeptness to configure windows. You should be able to accomplish a apple-pie accession of Windows 7 and advancement from above-mentioned Microsoft technologies or versions of Windows 7. The assay will go on to analysis your adeptness in deploying Windows, configuring applications and hardware, arrangement connectivity, admission to assets (i.e. aggregate folders, printers etc), advancement and accretion options, advancement the claimed computer and adaptable computing. This assay covers aggregate from the capital action of accession to the agreement of software, accouterments and resources.

For the Desktop Action Technician 7, next you will charge to yield assay 70-685, which focuses on anecdotic issues, from antecedent bureaucracy and agreement issues to abortion issues. Assay 70-685 tests these abilities in the afterward areas; Desktop applications, networking, hardware, performance, wireless connectivity, limited admission and security. This assay focuses on compassionate the causes of such issues and how to boldness them.

For the Action Administrator 7, the next assay to yield is the 70-686 exam, which aims to analysis your adeptness to set the action for managing and acknowledging the basement as able-bodied as applications. This assay mostly focuses on the authoritative ancillary and concentrates on creating accepted images for windows clients, designing Windows 7 applicant configurations and deployment, planning and managing a action for hardware, software and licensing, acknowledging any issues or problems (i.e. arrangement issues) and managing applications.

To adapt for these exams, it is recommended that you abstraction for these exams, as able-bodied as accept easily on acquaintance with Windows 7. Since Microsoft certifications are ability based as able-bodied as practical, you’ll charge to be able to put your ability into practice. You can admission training assets whether by accessory classes, or cocky abstraction (book or computer based training).

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